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From Portland,OR — 06/11/2009

Pay is good used to be the top of the industry till they came on seriously hard times. I feel the level of respect at the terminal I was employed at was excellent but I have hear horror stories about others. Benefits are top notch unparalleled by any company in the industry. The company is on increasingly unsteady footing, after five years never even getting close to being laid off I have now been off for almost 6 months, as far as being fired a union employee rarely meets this fate although it is quite common in management. The company is growing ever closer to a bankruptcy or complete closure. In august of 2005 a share of YRCW stock traded close to $60 currently it is in the $2.50 range.

Hours in operations are all bad, supervisors work 12-15 hour days regularly. Newly hired union employees will be on call, and forced in, with minimal notice working all shifts on all days. This company will hire from within but management has had to take some serious cuts over the last three years. They have locations all over the county for operations and management may be able to change terminals while keeping fringe benefits intact. Union employees can only move if there is a Change of Operations that necessitates relocation of work, then they would be subject to a seniority-based bidding process. This company, I believe has the most experienced and professional employees of any trucking company in business today. Their is virtually no turn over due to good pay and benefits, also they employ for the most part only qualified drivers to do all work. (most co's use underpaid dockworkers to the work inside the terminals). The work environment sucks it's dusty, cold, hot, filled with exhaust gas, the facilities are mostly run down and in need of maintenance but road bound equipment has gotten much better. This job is not for the faint at heart, or those that have soft skin it's a legacy union type environment, management a and union employees are adversarial at times.

I have worked almost ten years as a LTL driver, it's honest work, fair compensation for a fair days work. If you are going to be in this industry YRC/Yellow if they ride this recession out will continue to be a top LTL employer.
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