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Reviews of Jobs at Xanterra Parks and Resorts

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From Grand Canyon South Rim, AZ — 02/08/2010

I loved working here!
I earned a decent wage compared to the cost of living (14 bucks every two weeks for dorm fees). The employee cafeteria is truly cheap, charging just above the actual food cost. A burger and fries with a drink (restaurant quality burger here people, not gross golden arches) was around 5 bucks.
There are things to do besides hiking and drinking, but honestly why would you go to the canyon if you want to live by a mall?
They do hire people from all over the world and those people work harder than most Americans I met (I am American and I admit, I am not working as hard as those South Korean room cleaners). The living conditions are as follows: dorm with a sink, bed and dresser and you share it with 1 person. If you have three in a room (I did) there is no rent fee. There is also a dorm for couples with private bathrooms, non-couples in this dorm share a bathroom. If you stick around and get promoted you can rent an apartment for around 100 a month. Utilities aren't included in the apartments but you get your own kitchen so it's better for the over 30 crowd and lifers (those who stay at the canyon for several years).
Further up the chain of command are houses, but that comes later.

The weather is great, hot but not humid, cold and snowy but the roads are clear. There is a free shuttle in case you don't want to drive or bike around. There is also a pretty cheap tour that will take you round trip to Vegas for under 100 bucks!

Sure, there are jerks. There are jerks everywhere. If you think this company has the corner on rude bosses, firing for no reason or employees that don't speak English you are wrong.

The one negative I can see is the lack of diversity. There are tons of foreign kids, whites, navajo and hopi; but not very many blacks. I am not sure if it lack of applications or something more seedy but this company didn't have very many blacks at all at this location.
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