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From Dedham, MA — 06/29/2009

This is a small company with great ideas and products. Depending on what your role is, the work can be interesting and challenging. The workload is very heavy and the hours can be very long; most positions are salaried. There is a tendency to hire young people at low pay and there is softball and other activities to keep the younger set happy. This is a a good training ground for anyone right out of college who understand that they will likely need to move on to advance. There is a group of managers who have been with the company for a long time, many do not add value to the operation so there is a heavy reliance on front line worker-bees and limited opportunity for advancement regardless of performance.

The benefits are less than adequate with an "open leave" policy which means there is no set vacation or sick time. The idea is you are on your own to take the time you need. The end result is few take time off at all and this creates a culture where time off is not the norm. If you leave the company, you do not have the benefit of walking away with accrued vacation pay. There is a 401K savings plan with a match but a fairly long time to become vested and realize that gain. Health insurance includes a sharing of premium cost in before tax dollars and the plan is high deductible with co-pays that do not count toward the deductible--it's fine if are not planning on needing health care but to be fair,this is something most businesses are resorting to in these times of rising premiums.
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