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Learn what employees have to say about Weldon, Williams & Lick pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth5
Work Environment4

From Fort Smith, AR — 07/03/2009

Pay - Pay was GREAT! This company might start you low, but every 6 months you get a review and if you're doing what you're supposed to, you'll get a full dollar or more in raises! I was making almost 14 dollars an hour and was hired without any previous skills whatsoever...Great company!

Respect - If you work hard, the management in most departments of the facility were awesome and would tell you the wonderful job you're doing and it would show up on the paycheck. I was called often to the office of my boss and praised for my good work. I felt like my manager was just another one of the guys and he was very nice to me all the time. He always worked with me on using my vacation(2 full weeks) and this place lets you take your days off one at a time! Also you get 10 sick days but if you start to approach the limit they will talk to you about it but that's understandable. There was a guy who I worked with who took 27 sick days in one year and used all of his vacation days before June and still works there to this day and he's done that his whole 4 years there.

Benefits - Benefits were pretty solid. If you worked there for 45 days, you were signed up for benefits which you could use immediately and were fulltime benefits. At most places you have to work there a year to get benefits, so this is great. The co-pays are kinda high at first though for doctor's visits and prescriptions. They pay you for your vacation days, but not until the date of your employment. I.E. if you started working there on Sept 1st, 2009, then you used your vacation days up in 2010, you would be paid for them on September 1st, 2010 in one big check. It was nice to get this check and most people took the check they got on their anniversary and went on vacation then which works pretty well.

Career/Growth Potential - You can move up from newbie to pressman pretty quickly. They start to allow you to learn new things pretty quickly also. The average amount of time someone works at this place is 14 years, so there isn't a lot of turnover except in the bindary. I would consider that job temporary b/c most people quit or move to another department. Many of the people I worked with had been there well over 10 years and were destined to retire there, and the retirement is great. They do a lot for retirees, I only wish I couldve stayed at this company.

Location - Location is terrible. It's located in downtown Fort Smith between one way streets and they didn't have a lot of parking. The neighborhood was awful and dangerous. I worked 3rd shift, and when I would go outside at 1 AM with my fellow co-workers who smoked(i do not but enjoyed conversating), often times drunk people would walk by or cars would just stop and give us weird looks and ask us weird questions. Also the bus station is located right next door to it, so it was extremely dangerous just for these guys to go out and smoke that late. I also got harrassed once by a guy on a bicycle asking me if i had spare change as I tried to walk into the front door to start my shift. It's pretty much like Elvis says, "in the ghetto". Also down the street is the Salvation Army and the Next Step Day Center so you can see there are lots of bums and homeless people walking around the building and there are no fences or protection from anything as you're walking to and from your car or going out for a smoke during a break.

Co-worker Competence - This one is a mixed bag. There are great people there who know exactly what they're doing. There are pressmen who have no idea what they're doing and make the same mistakes over and over which costs everybody in the long run. If the final spoiled work % meets the target for the year, everyone gets a great christmas bonus check based on how well we did; this is a great check usually somewhere around 10-15%(for me this check was 2,700 bucks)...but this also sucks b/c it is based on departments you don't even work in doing their jobs properly and not printing a lot of waste. All in all most of the people I worked with were great!

Work Environment - Sometimes it's hot and most of the time it's loud but it could be a lot worse. They provide many fans to place in your areas so that it doesn't get too hot. The shipping department is centrally located so you don't have to go too far to drop off finished products. People are friendly for the most part. The entire work area is concrete flooring so your feet will pay the price. Some of the presses have pretty dangerous parts to them and people get hurt about once ever 500 days with missed time accidents. If you're careful though like me, you will never get hurt working here. You do have to deal with sharp blades, mechanical parts, and fixing moving machines, but that comes with any job like this. They never asked me to do things that were putting my body in danger and always provided lots of equipment to help with heavy tasks. Almost everything you worked with had properly installed and working safety guards and protections.

Overall I really enjoyed working here, it's the best job i've ever had with the best workers ive ever worked with. I had to move to another place, so I didn't get to work here anymore and I wish I still did! This is the only location of this company.
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