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Reviews of Jobs at Wayne W Sell Corp

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From sarver, Pa — 01/07/2010

Sell trucking is a diffrent kind of trucking. the hours to pay are not to meet any truckers expectaions. if you like to cheat your logs and get about 10 hours of sleep a week, then sell is for you. they run you hard! like i was saying if you divide hours worked by amount paid. it comes out to be like 3.40 an hour. but you do get home on the weekends. but you are promised that you will only be out for a max of three days being home most of the week and all weekends off...not true. i work for them . i make about 50,000 a year. but i bust my nutz for it. they do have nice trucks, but logistics and dispatch sucks. they just give you the name of the buisness and a phone number. no directions, address, or a slight idea of where you are going. back hauls are not for certian. you might get a run to Ny. that pays 200.00, then not have a back haul. the dipatchers are definitly unquilified. and a usless enity to the company. idk why they are even there. but over all. if you want to work alot. make money during this time in our country, sell is a good company. you will be able to support your family. just like any other trucking company in the nation they have there ups and downsides. but sell is the most unorginized Comp. that i ever worked for. but i make money. and i have a job. sell is a company that people can either work for or they cant. i call it hard core trucking.
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