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Working at Waubonsee Community College — Reviews by Employees

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Reviews of Jobs at Waubonsee Community College

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From Aurora, IL — 04/08/2010

I am a former adjunct teacher. Things were not all that bad. I really liked my job at that time.
In retrospect, I think it would have made a lot of difference if there was support for the staff (such as in-service days, conferences or any sort of continuing education courses to enhance the skills of the staff).
The courses I taught were free to adult students to attend and did not provide college credit to the students. With that said, it is challenging for all of the teachers: 1) students who do not take the coursework or 2) attendance or 3) homework or 4) tests seriously seriously. The worst part of my Waubonsee experience was the ESL Program Manager notified me that I would not be assigned to teach in the upcoming sessions (although the school was hiring ESL instructors at the time of the incident). I had never been in any trouble at the school, nor been informed of anything negative from my superior, so it really blindsided me. She refused to give me any reason for why I would no longer be teaching, and I asked. I called her boss, the Dean of the Community Education Dept, and could get absolutely no answer, no will to investigate what was going on, nothing from him, and no compassion. I hope no one else ever goes through what I went through cause it was a really lousy thing. If there was an issue, Waubonsee, should give notice and not just dump anyone without clarifying why and give the person an opportunity if there is something they can improve.
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