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Job Security4
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From Nashville, TN — 01/25/2010

I currently work for the Walden state account. The pay is great for what we do but the benefits are the most terrible benefits that I've ever seen. The health insurance is a waste of money because it really doesn't pay for anything, you have no sick time, you get a one week paid vacation until you've worked for the company for five years, and on the state account you aren't paid time and a half on holidays. Of course, they fail to explain this to you during orientation. Generally, most officers find out just before a holiday. You are also required to do unpaid annual and semi-annual training on your own time.
I've seen good officers be disrespected to the point that they finally quit, while others can practically get away with anything. I actually question the criteria they use for promotion as well. There isn't much room for growth either. Site Supervisors on the state account receive the same wages as a supervisor. There is no incentive to be promoted to a Site Supervisor.
Most officers I have worked with are competent. However, there are a few that I wonder about. As far as the work environment, there have been several officers who have worked in a hostile work environment despite asking management for a post change. There are unethical practices happening within the state account. I disagree with the threatening scare tactics management has used against officers.
I would recommend other Walden Security accounts, but not state account.
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