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From Chicago — 03/26/2009

I worked for Tom at Victory promotions when I was 18 and thought I would throw my two cents in. I dont understand what all the fuss is about, What do you expect when you take a door to door sales job? I tell ya what I wanted to accomplish... Get over my fear of talking to people, learn to be quick and innovative on my feet, learn to motivate people, and do something that other people could not do. All of those things happened for me. I only worked there for about 8 months until I get a good job offer but since then I have kept in touch with many of the co workers there and I went into business with three of them. We now run 4 seperate companys and are doing EXTREMELY WELL!We often look back and laugh at our experience there but we all realize how much of a benefit it did us in the long run... It gives the basics for sales that you will use the rest of your life. The people that complain about the tactics that were used to motivate people will be the people that complain their whole life. Its not something that I would reccomend doing long term, but I feel that if you would like to pursue a career in sales this is a fantastic place to "pay your dues" and learn from other young motivated people looking for an oppurtunity.
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