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From Texas — 04/28/2010

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I am in disbelief that people who work for Beryl actually believe that making comments like this on a website is really “doing the right thing”. You are saying terrible things about people and a company who really strive to do right by everyone and everything. You are questioning others ethics but have you looked at yourself lately. Matthew 7; 3-5 applies here. The leaders of this company are very kind and giving. They might not be perfect nor can they read your mind and know exactly what will make you happy. Maybe you should try something mature like talking to them for instance. I think you would be very surprised to learn that you would be treated differently from the way you have depicted here on this site. Life at Beryl is not perfect everyday but neither is any place to work. What makes Beryl special is that the people who own and manage the company really do care about what you have to say.

You would be devastated if you were being talked about like this on a site where you couldn’t combat facts from fiction instead of being addressed directly. I wonder how you sleep at night.
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