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Working at Veriteq Instruments — Reviews by Employees

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Reviews of Jobs at Veriteq Instruments

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From Richmond, British Columbia — 12/14/2009

I've never been anywhere with so many good, smart people - working so hard. We are really blessed here because everyone pulls together to try to make this company succeed, to make our software the best we can, to make the hardware perfect, to help the customers any way we can. But, for a building full of perfectionists, we are a pretty friendly bunch. I love this company and I'm proud to work with these people. Practically any single person here could pick up the phone on the 1-800 line any day of the week and do customer support because we all care about how our system flies on the users' side. Go us during business hours. This is a great place - and now that our latest software seems to be running smoothly, we are much happier campers. But, even is something goes off the rails, I know the people at Veriteq will knuckle down until it's fixed and flying again. The other thing is - we have the best customers ever...they take our calibration surveys, they give us detailed feedback, they walk us through their application specific issues - every installation is a total learning experience. The customers we serve are in the coolest businesses too! So, when we do service or sales calls, we get to see some of the most technologically fascinating places on the planet. Veriteq is fantastic company to work for.
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