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From San Antonio, Tx — 02/12/2010

There was a time when working for this company was a great thing. Job security was there, as can be noted by the multiple employees who have worked 10+ years, there were advancement oppurtunities for those interested in such, and the benefits were great. Those days, it seems, are over.

On occassion I would work the overnights since we only had the one guy available. One of those nights I got robbed. He held a gun to my back as he walked me to the register, then held it at my stomach as he demanded the money. I asked for time off to deal with the trauma, and didn't have a day off for the next 20 days, which included working the overnights again, by myself.

They offer insurance which is more of a discount plan and usually starting pay is minimum wage now that it's been raised. It used to be a great paying job. The store I work at has an incompetent manager who's only concern involves himself. When my mother became disabled he complained about how the new restrictions on my schedule put a kink into his life and schedule. I've also been told that I can't become a manager if I'm going to insist on being an observant Jew and not working on certain holidays.

Not all stores are like this, and from what I understand, those that work on the refining side of the company are treated exceedingly well. But those of us that have to deal with the customers everyday have to deal with the harassment, violent customers, and lack of security afforded us by the cutbacks the company is currently making and it's attempts to quietly get rid of "dead wait" without having to do a lay off.

Talk to the employees before you apply for this company because, where I work, you'd be safer whoring yourself out on the street, and probably make more money.
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