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Learn what employees have to say about United Realtors pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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From North Riverside, IL — 09/16/2008

Switch to United Realtors has been one of the best choices Iíve made this year and let me explain why. Their Concept is an exchange, for paying a Low Transaction fee and a monthly fee; you can keep the maximum amount of your commissions and receive the many benefits of United Realtors programs and services. None of United Realtors Associates have to share offices, nor expenses, instead they get to share a common identity and retain all their earnings. United Realtors is an Illinois, full-service brokerage that is dedicated to providing unprecedented responsiveness to their customers and enhanced our income as an agent.
Here is what they are offering: 100% Commission, No Minimum Production (WOW!!) just for paying $85 a month, $220 transaction fee and $40 (E&O). What I mean is in my last closing of a $300k home I got 2.5%co-op, The Total was 7,500.00 (-) I Pay the office 220.00 Transaction Fee (-) 40 E&O so I end up with $$$7,240.00. WOW!!!
That's right... and there's no catch! They don't have any other hidden charges like other companies.
Real estate Agents know that our success is limited only by our ability, determination, and hard work - not by restrictions one finds in conventional real estate companies. At United Realtors, quality people who are serious about excelling in the real estate business have the freedom to realize their full business potential. The professionalism and experience of existing United Realtors Sales Associates contribute to the success of each new Associate.
I really recommend this company, I said call Them !!! 1-(800) 966-0787
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