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From Rockville, MD — 03/15/2009

This publishing company presents itself as a great company to work for and has been written up as such, but in the day to day reality, they do not follow through with their positive image which is unfortunate. They have great benefits and perks, but in my opionin that does not outweigh how one is disrespected in this company.

Some of the positives are good healthcare programs, 401(K), employee assistance programs that employees actually use, and a commitment to volunteer in the community. They also have really fun, unique perks which include a paid trip every five years for EVERY employee in the company to take together to a surprise destination. They also have a fruit cart that comes around every day at around 3pm where another employee will serve you your choice of strawberries, grapes, etc. They also have free soda in their small eating room. Unfortunately the pay is pretty low or just average and the only people who make real money are the 5 founders of the company that share the profits every year. There is also lots of verbal abuse in this company on many levels. The editors scream at their writers and get away with it frequently. I have heard screaming matches firsthand through the walls and it seems like it is allowed to occur, or the senior management does not know about it and therefore does not take action. There are some GREAT managers and there are some AWFUL managers, so it really depends on which department you get a job in. Their HR department is very weak. When I had an issue with my manager, they tried to persuade me not to write her up and ended up getting me in trouble, even though they told me she had many other non-official complaints against her. Even the HR staff member told me that she herself had problems with my manager.

You will find REALLY NICE and competent people at this company. That was one of my favorite perks from working there. Even the people that scream at you sometimes will also be really nice to you most of the time. They have a policy of not laying people off which is good if you are interested in job security. But when I left, I also found out that there were people suing them in a class action suit for firing them when they got sick. Not so good if you have any health issues. So you won't get laid off, but you might get fired.

It seems they do like to promote from within and managers are looking to keep talented people. The work environment is clean and inviting and the parking is good. The 5 founders work in cubicles like most of the employees and are pretty accessible to regular staff which is nice, but again, they do not seem to have a feel for what is going on inside their organization because it grew so quickly.

The location is great because it is right off a major highway in Maryland and is surrounded by lots of places to eat lunch and a park to walk through if you want to get some exercise on your break.

My major complaint is the lack of respect for the employees from the managers. I personally was screamed at by my superior in front of a group of people, even though I was considered a top star there and worked very hard. I was also mistreated by a director in another department who was trying to recruit me into her group. When she took me to lunch to discuss the position, she scolded me at the table and screamed at me to sit down. It was very awkward and I decided against working in her group. I was shocked to be treated that way, especially when she was trying to hire me into her group!

I would not recommend this company if you are want to be treated really well in the workplace, but if you like the idea of taking a fun trip once every five years and you know personally the manager you will be working for, go for it!
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