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From Midsouth — 09/02/2010

United American is not "scam" by any means, however it does take a certain situation for an agent to be successful. They need a fantastic work-ethic, agents need some money in the bank in order to survive for a couple of weeks. By the time an agent goes through the licensing process assuming they pass the test on the first time, (majority does not), they are in the "hole" anywhere from 400-800 dollars. Then, they are waiting another week to get appointed, etc..

You must work at a great, proven, successful office and have a great manager who is motivated to get you successful. When I came to UA I was fortunate enough to work and "partner" with a manager who is one of 11 individuals who is on the leadership council for UA. As unfair as it might be the local office and local manager usually makes or breaks most agents.

Our office never claimed to sell "major med" UA's plans should only supplement current major med coverage. At our prime operating performance from 2001-March 2010 we had over 100 agents in an office park, which we turned into one huge office. We had over 70 agents producing every week doing anywhere from 3-5 deals each and every week. Everyone was making great money, now we are basically starting all over with 5 agents and focusing on medicare supplements, cancer, smaller life policies, and worksite life insurance. After healthcare reform the majority of the agents had no desire to work in the worksite or senior market so they left.

Everything about UA can be great, just do your homework..
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