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Working at Union County Community Action, Inc — Reviews by Employees

Learn what employees have to say about Union County Community Action, Inc pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

Reviews of Jobs at Union County Community Action, Inc

5.0Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Monroe, NC — 02/07/2010

Please note on all the comments that are have been made on this company are not true. This is the result of people that have nothing better to do but start problems to make them self feel better. I have been around this company for several years and for what I have read there is no truth to the reviews I have read. The ED is fair to the standers of the company and will do anything to help the employees and most of all the kids that attend the schools. In my book the ED if anything gives a little to much to help employees within the company. The ED is a very respectful person to her staff, and clearly has been attacted by people that are unhappy with them selfs. As long as I have been around the ED she does nothing but works her tail off to provide for the company, staff and kids, she works weekend, late nights and holidays that the ones that have made these reviews are off, but no one put that in the reviews. The ED takes her job personal and strives on the best for the company. One thing in life that any person should know is that no body fires you but in fact you fire yourself. The ones that wrote on this page need to sit back and write the truth like include why you was fired. There is two sides to the story. But as you can see by reading some of these reviews the only side that is told is YOURS, so if you are going to make a review please put all facts that also include yourself. Boy I bet that will change the out look of the reader....... With that being said, there is no truth to any of the reviews that I have read and the only thing that I can say is there is a bunch of sad people that has there own problems that they need to look at. Denial is the first signs of depression and you all need to seek a doctor. Please take my advise because all these reviews show it. Thanks for your time, because I have lost several hours of my life reading you crazy and untruthful reviews.
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3.4Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment3

From Monroe, NC — 10/31/2009

The programs the agency represents are great, it is the upper management that is currently making the agency suck. There has been a lack of leadership for the past 5 years. At one time there was a support person and she was terrific. But, since the newest Director, also is the Executive Director has taken over, the agency comfort, reliability, atmosphere, trust (there is no trust!) and false accusations has driven the drive of the staff to an all time low. You never know from day-to-day whether you are going to have a job or not and sometimes without any particular reasoning. Although they will find just that right excuse to make their firing successful. The agency changes their policy - procedures mid stream just to make whatever they need at that time make it work for them. There is no consistency. Leadership is the pits, how can you be a leader when you are hardly ever seen. Can't be a leader when you say one thing and the next breath is the complete opposite. The director has anger issues and will threaten you and try to belittle you, but does it on the phone, computer, etc. but rarely face to face. How cunning! Head Start Cooperation should thoroughly review the management of the agency, woohoo what a finding that would be. Some really good staff have been let go over the past year for some of the most poorest excuses heard of. It's a true shame of how most of the staff now feel about the agency program. It just angers me of what has become, the program needs a new Director, one who cares about the staff, children, and families, and not so much on money and numbers.
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