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Reviews of Jobs at Uncle Bob Storage

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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth4
Work Environment5

From Southern New England — 12/19/2009

I guess you could say my view is much different. I think this company is a very good one to work for. I find that my Area Manager is always available if we have a problem or issue, even on weekends, and works very hard. My experience has been the opposite of what previous person's review said: we do indeed have paid sick and vacation time, and do have a 401k program. I find the benefits to be good, including the Health Insurance Plan, which I find to be very good, and affordable, although geared more toward single person, or couples. I do wish there was a dental plan, but as far as overall benefits, I would say they are very strong. We also are compensated for travel to places other than our normal store.

I also feel respected, by all levels of management and ownership. I do NOT agree with previous review calling them a scam, or implying that they don't care about condition of property - I feel as though this company IS dedicated to maintaining property, and in fact. I feel as though a high level of integrity is displayed by employees at all levels. My experience has been very good, I feel as though the people in the company is one of it's biggest strengths and I am very happy to work for Uncle Bob's - -from my experience, Uncle Bob's cares about their employees, and customers very much.
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