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From Chapel Hill, NC — 08/20/2010

Polarizing to say the least. I too worked for the University in IT and was recently layed off due to budget cuts the North Carolina General Assembly approved earlier last year. My department was in my opinion one of the sacrificial lambs at the university where close to thirteen of us were let go, some with close to 30 years of service to the university. I too heard of the horror stories about how bad it was in certain departments, and yes it is true the department of student affairs has a extremely bad reputation among staff members past and present. The general feeling is that the lack of real leadership coupled with politicizing alliances and nepotism, favoritism, and brown nosing almost makes it impossible to be either successful or content with your job at UNC. You will be hard pressed to find a person who can say they have both happiness and success with their jobs there, and the ones who do are indeed those individuals who embrace and thrive in the backstabbing unethical atmosphere that you will find common in many departments across the university. I can't speak much to how the faculty or health care system sides fair in all this, but given the days we are in, I'm sure plenty of those folks would agree.
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