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From Fort Wayne, IN — 08/09/2010

I am still employed by this company because the job market stinks, as does this job. I work at a "HIGH PRIORITY" account and we're treated like dogs there. When you complain about the treatment by the client, you get more response from a wall than you do from management. Last year, I worked on Thanksgiving Day, and didn't recieve my holiday pay for it until Christmas Eve. They kept saying "It'll be on the next check. We promise." Since I hired in this past October, I have been scheduled for every holiday except Easter Sunday, while the supervisors schedule themselves off on those days. The last security places I have worked in at least had you work every other holiday to make it fair, and we also got double time if we worked a holiday, whereas USSA only pays time and a half. As for benefits, who can afford them? Their insurance package is more than double what my wife pays for family coverage, and you get less then hers. You have to work 2 years before you qualify for vacation pay, and then you get a check at the beginning of your third year to cover any vacation you might take. I was injured on the job at the clients facility, due to their negligence to clear ice off of the parking lot, and those 5 days that the DOCTOR had me off work were counted against my attendance. This past November, I recieved a call from our regional office that they were going to withold my paycheck until I returned a security clearance package to them. I had already filled one out at out local office and gave it to the Regional Manager in person. Then they informed me in December, that it needed to be done online, or they would once again withold my check. After I informed them that such a threat is illegal and I could pursue charges against them, they shut up with me on that. But they fired others for not turning in theirs within a week. Granted, that entire office recieved a "house cleaning" and new management is in place, but they are continuing the same unethical work practices as before. I suppose the biggest complaint I have is that the company has some good officers, but they always seem to hire the worst ones to be leaders. Our last site supervisor was a punk kid who did more sucking up to the client to get a job in THEIR security, then he did doing his job and protecting his own people. Our new one is a train wreck waiting to happen. He has no people skills, which, to me is very important when dealing with clients and co workers, and easily gets frustrated when pressure hits. A train wreck waiting to happen. I'm middle aged, and the only reason I am still with this circus is to get through my degree and get a better job. And when I get my degree and that better job, I would rather have fleas in my shorts than miss this clown show.
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