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From Duluth, MN — 06/30/2008

Tele Resources, Inc. is a great company to work for if you work in the telemarketing, outbound calling, or telemarketing services industry. No one says they want to be a telemarketer when they grow up but lets face it it happens. I have worked at a couple of telemarketing centers and this is the best one to work at. People at Tele Resources are very nice and the spend a lot of time preparing you to do your job 100%.

This is way different than any other telemarketing call center that I have worked at becuase they mainly spend their days pushing you to get more sales and get more sales. At Tele Resources I get to actually work with what they call a coach trainer. They are people who spend their day making sure telemarketers are prepared to make calls.

They also have a really nice Human Resources lady that I can come to with all of my problems. When I got hired there she spent a lot of time makeing sure that I was working on a telemarketing program that was right for me. Also, I filled out an application on their website and I got a call right away. There wasn't a 2 week waiting period or anything like most telemarketing firms.

I have now been there for over a year and still like my job. I was trained by Mark Swanson who now works in a different department but is still in the company. I had a great time in his training class and after a year there are still a bunch of people in my class working here. I hear so many people that I work with complain about other telemarketing jobs and they are pretty happy they came here. There are a bunch of people that have even been here for 6 years and a few that have been here for 10 which is amazing for a telemarekting center.

Anyway, when it comes to telemarketing in the Duluth MN area I recomed Tele Resources, Inc.
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