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From Austin, TX. — 11/03/2008

Great website...hope it continues to grow to help other people get some feedback on some of the bad companies out there in order to save them the time and effort wasted in beating these dead horses! I've worked in this industry for over thirty years, retired to private consulting now, but wished I had this information back then! I have several other company reviews/critiques to share now that this communication platform has been established!

I could write volumes on this company TECO and the many other Japanese companies that sponsored these American companies in this industry! Toshiba is the core company here which controls most of what they can do with an limit product mixed, few value added services that are sold and supported in the field irresponsibly!

I've worked with other Japanese companies and they all seem to have a lot of the same major problems as they don't understand our industry needs specially in dealing with custom engineered products/packages, after market equipment upgrades/retrofits and the totally lack of clueless to the in the field enineering, tech support, or field service required here! If you buy it their products, you have to install it, and fix their problems yourself...swell! Did I mention they are not vertically integrated...which means they have to bought or have products cloned (Asia) or even worse third party vendors which makes it impossible to be price competitive or service /warranty the products in the field effectively! Replacement parts? After market upgrades or support?..forget about it!

Pay/Salary: Pretty much an irrelevent issue if you can't get the products, tech support and field services that is needed for successful completion of Product/Project Lifecycle Management(PLM)! You won't be there long enough to experience shortage of scape goats within these companies. Matrix management finger pointers will support the "Internal Control Group" before they will take any responsibility for there own brand of core incompetence! Sumitomo Machinery of American changed their company logo not too long ago which is also appropriate for TECO as well. "Always on the move"!...because it's harder to hit a moving target! No witnesses, no proof of wrong doing...hence the not only numerous, but very quick process of personnel turnover within these poorly managed companies! They can't get you out the door quick enough!

Respect: Due to the personnel bickering (Really bad at the inside sales/tech support level) and turnover caused by the lack of authority and/or empowerment from the jap and local management to make anything good happen nor keep anything bad from happening is pretty much the daily status quo here. The right hand doesn't know what thd left hands doing due to poor communications/business management here. Forget collaborative communications/strategies on a national or the much needed global's never going to happen as the Japanese will always have the control and power here! They give you just enough rope to hang yourself!

Benefit: Oddly enough Japs seem to put some pretty good packages together, but since the job is never doable or substainable ...leading to short tenure...they're not really out anything here! The old proverbial Japanese - American industry carrot or bate and switch trick! You think you have something of value, but it really isn't!

Job Security: If you can't immediately get excepted into the "Internal Management Support Group" (Not to be confused with the organization chart or pecking order!) as the Japanese again control what can and cannot be done here on purpose! Too many restrictions and limitations... can'ts, don'ts and won'ts!

Work/Life Balance: It's up to you much time you want to invested in this slow sinking ship with no rudder! Toshiba is invested into too many conflictive companies such as Toshiba - Houston and the (Industrial Automation Systems Integrator)out of Salem/Roanoke, VA. who could of been an significate partner/alliance with TECO, but because of multi level management politics, egos, and paranoia that keeps this business venture at bay as well. I know, because I spent a lot of time at their plant,and consulting with them without any sign of business intelligence there either. Total tunnel vision...could not think/work outside of the GE box! Irony here...Toshiba really didn't want to work with GE..go figure! See future critique on this bazare company & relationship with the industry !

Career Potential/Growth: If the Business Model has intential flaws, then whatever Business Plans they have will be fail! Sale/Marketing Plans/Strategies are irrevelent as well! Run, do not walk away from this nightmare! And yes...there are people that actually manage to survive in this environment, but why would anyone make concessions and comformizes in their work, life style, and happiness to do's too short?

Location: Roundrock is centrally located for the Texas markets...people that work there are the problem, not the location...although this is a suburb of Austin...enough said!

Co-worker Competence: Ego's, irrogance, and poor communcations are not the corner stones for exceptable customer support and services or business success! I had also worked as a distributor and a Rep for them selling their products for many years as a service company as well. They were always hard to work with...poor performance on getting timely, accurate, and competitive quotes out on motors and drive packages...forget about it! Contact Shermco Industries (EASA/NETA shop) for their reviews on this company! The other EASA SHOPS listed on the TECO website have been forced to look for other motor/drives vendors to put packages and systems together...enough said!

Work Environment: It's OK...but watch you back though! Disgruntled employees and incompetence make for a strange and dangerous environment!
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