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From Alexandria, VA — 06/23/2010

I would not recommend my employer to anyone. Base pay is average for the area but reviews and raises just don't happen ...just empty promises. Family insurance benefits are over $800 monthly..and rising every year for the past 7 years because of the small # of employees and the high claims paid out to owner family members. There is no potential for growth as all the owners have unskilled friends and family members working for the company. There is no training provided and they accept work on everything, the motto is "One Stop Shop"...without any technical you're on your own at the customers' expense 24 hours a day 7 days a week...I'm always on call or required to take recently fired employees on call duties..... we work in commercial kitchens during peak business and are required to work anytime, as required but we are never guaranteed 40 hours or even 8 hours in a day... the rules at this company are forever changing creating a revolving door of co-workers and customers....not a responsible employer...just greedy and short sighted.
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