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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Irvine Ca — 09/13/2010

I have a completely different view of the company...I have been employed over 5 years and I feel I am paid pretty well and on top of that I have stock in the company and a good benefit program. My relationship with the owners Jeff and Lisa has been a very good one over the years and they are kind and supportive and they are both hard workers. During my employment I ran into a financial hardship and they loaned me money on 3 different ocassions...What I have seen over the past year is that the company is growing and with that comes greater challenges...if you are a mediocare performer or a clock puncher I would not recommend working at OrthoXpress...if you enjoy a challenge and you are smart and you want to grow professionally you will do it at OrthoXpress..
I bet that the person who wrote this nasty message was asked to leave the company for competance and performance issues and this is thier way of dealing with it....
Anyways...I am still gainfully employed and in these economic times that is a blessing...
OrthoXpress Rules!
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