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From atlanta, georgia — 11/28/2008

I have been with the TBR Group for 6 months now and love the environment I work in! The management team and people I work with are the best! We work hard but we also find a way to make it fun to work at as well. I have really learned a lot and would highly suggest anyone that wants to work for a small but growing company (8 employee's) like TBR Group. I would definitely recommend the TBR Group. I have been able to work underneath experienced Account Manager's that have been in the recruiting business for an average of at least 2 years working with large companies nationwide. I worked for two other sales companies out of college for two years, but I found the pay to be great at the TBR Group, they provide 100% paid health benefits, plus aggressive compensation.

I was reluctant to work for a smaller company, because I didn't know if they had the time or resources
to spend training you. I wanted to make a review, because I know there have to be other people just like me that are hesitant about working with smaller companies.

My experience with my coworkers has been awesome, and we have one meeting at the beginning of the week to outline goals and expectations and then we meet up on Friday's to see if we achieved our goals.

I found it very helpful for someone to push me but yet still work with me on a weekly one on one basis then explain to me things I needed to improve.
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