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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Cincinnati, OH — 08/12/2008

This company has been in business since 1850 as one of the oldest distributing companies in the area. They started their brokerage arm "Taylor Logistics" a few years back. I've worked at a couple other logistics companies in the area and this is by far the best logistics firm I've ever worked at. Make that the best COMPANY I've ever worked for.

Pay - Negotiable... you'll get paid fairly and will be happy.
Respect- Managements door has always been open to me and I have been treated fairly on all occassions.
Benefits- Good for a mid-sized company. Health, Dental, 401K after a year. Good match program after a year.
Job Security - No management breathing down your neck... it's great. This leaves me open to focus on bringing in new business which in turn just means more job security!
Work/Life balance: Good vacation and personal time. I took a few personal days within the first couple months of working here without question.
Career Potential/Growth - Great. As I said, the brokerage arm just started a few years ago so the growth potential is almost unlimited at this point.
Location - not great... north side of Cincinnati so you'll have to take a major highway to get there unless you live near sharonville. I hear we may be opening a branch office sometime within the next year though that will be in a better location (near Beachmont Ave).
Co-Worker Competence - good. Everybody does a good job and is helpful.
Work Environment - Great. Casual work attire and personal space.

Well, all I can say is "No, I don't own the company." I just started working here this year and this has been the best place I've ever worked.
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