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Learn what employees have to say about Tata Consultancy Services pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

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Job Security5
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Work Environment5

From Bangalore, India — 09/14/2010

I very nearly lost my whole career by joining this place. Let me say that I am not here to vent. I will only point out my observations as impartially as I can.
Its a big lottery game when you join. If you're a comp science grad and if you manage to land in a good project, where work is challenging and resume building, then you're lucky. But it's a gamble of long odds.
My experiences are shitty. I was on the bench for 14 months, where my chances of gaining any knowledge were nil.
I have only the RMG to blame for this. They do not assess your skill set or your interests before dumping you in a project.
Pay is decent but not good, half of what people are paid outside. Office is clean and tidy, but regional politics infest the place like cockroaches. People don't share knowledge here as they are always insecure. And thou shall lick thy boss's ass for anything, leave, on site travel, appraisals. You feel very inadequate even if you do your job well.

I got only 4 months of project work in technical domain. Then I was put into a non technical role, filling excel sheets and doing project accounting for a bunch of pathetic and incompetent morons, who would not give me any training and yelled at me whenever they pleased for the whole world to see. I have been considering whether to file a harassment suit against them because I went into depression, gained weight and contemplated suicide. Meanwhile, my career was going no where and I got no interview calls and couldn't switch to other projects because none of them wanted to take me in and train me. But they were ready to train freshers. The HR and RMG did not do anything to fix this, even after my repeated complaints.

Sometimes I just wished they would fire me. It was like keeping a mistress, you buy her a house, give her money for clothes, keep her pockets full, but take away her freedom and render her incapable of being independent.

When I completed 2 years, I was still far behind my peers. Thankfully, I did get an interview and by the Grace of God, I am happily employed in a product company and I no longer take medication for the depression.
A word of caution: If you consider resigning, one day before your last working day, they will send you a mail saying you owe them money. Then they will quote some ambiguous figure and not explain how they arrived at it. And they hold your service certificate as ransom. Cheap bastards.

Be careful while dealing with them. of course for some of my batch mates, TCS is great, they are certified professionals with great experience and get to go to the US twice a year. Sadly this was never my story.

So I cannot recommend this company to anyone except people with no options after graduation, people looking for a cushy job or those who have a quality called 'Jugaad' :P It is far better to join a start up. Atleast you can learn something.

I became a redundant employee there. I would not wish that to happen to anyone, not even my enemies.
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