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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Boston, MA — 06/07/2010

I know this site is dedicated to being able to vent about your job, but I actually have nice things to say about my company. It's a start-up, but I knew that going into this. That translates to longer hours and a higher level of dedication, but the trade off is that I got into a great company with a great team (i.e. awesome senses of humor) and I get to do what I love. PLUS, the office is dog-friendly, so we have dogs running around from time to time, which frankly is amazing. I'm learning loads here and because this is a start-up, they embrace creativity and thinking outside of the box. Great environment for job growth and personal growth.

The CEO is super smart and everyone on the team feels honored to work here. Sounds like BS, right? You try making it through the interview process. It's the hardest interview process I've ever been through. Hence, having made it and beat out a ton of candidates, I feel pretty honored to be a part of this highly selective team.

The company is also really community driven. They do work with community building and charities, so I don't go home at night feeling like some corporate driven business jerk. I feel good about the things we do.

Open door policy means no one feels left out. I can be honest and outspoken. I just don't see any negatives. I mean, there could be more puppies running around. I guess I'll give this place a low score for "not having enough puppies milling about."
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