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From Springfield, IL — 04/07/2010

I love working at T&T Hyla in Srpingfield IL. I have never worked for a group of people wanting me to succeed more, then here. It is a simple job, but it isn't easy. I will be 100% honest, all of my success has come from my hard work. If you like to be rewarded for hard work, this kind of work is for you. If you expect to be paid for being lazy, this isn't the work for you. It is such a positive and exciting enviornment. Often someone will want to take advantage of the opportunity but then after realizing they have to work hard to accomplish all of their goals, they start coming into the office with a terrible attitude. Even worse is when they try to convince everyone else in the office that there is no way to be successfull in the business. Good thing only the strong survive and they typically fade away. That is a huge part to why T & T Hyla is so successful, because they surround themselves with people with positive attitudes that also want to be successful.
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