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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
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From Washington, DC — 02/02/2009

My experience has been a bit different, since I work in Government Services. More job security, it's true, and my work location really isn't bad. But there is zero work/life balance. You're here to "get the job done", and if that means that your manager gets in at 8am, then ideally you should be here at 7:30.

Due to family obligations one year, I had to take several weeks off. I explained the details to my supervisor, and he told me that of course, this would be fine. Then, when reviews rolled around, I got a lower score for it. I'm pretty sure that's illegal, except that they didn't put it in writing, so there isn't much I can do. Which brings us to "PPG" or People Performance and Growth! Your score is done by your supervisor, and you never see it or talk to them about it before it's finalized. Mine had several inaccuracies some time ago, and I tried to bring it up with my manager, only to be told that the system isn't really set up to make corrections, whatever the hell that means.

It's a very aggressive company, and you really have to fight to be seen and get that promotion, but I think that's probably true almost anywhere, so I really can't fault them for that. And the hypocracy really wouldn't be so bad, except that they make such a big deal about how they have "Core Values" and that they really adhere to them... only they don't really, or only a few people do.

It's not a bad company, there is a lot of opportunity to learn new things, and they do encourage continued education, but unless you know how to work this system, it can be really frustrating.
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