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Working at San Diego County Credit Union — Reviews by Employees

Learn what employees have to say about San Diego County Credit Union pay, work/life balance, care potential, job security, and much more by reading our anonymous employee reviews.

Reviews of Jobs at San Diego County Credit Union

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From San Diego — 12/31/2009

Working for SDCCU is great...depending. I was a "floater" for a long time. So I traveled to different branches to fill in for different positions. I realized that working for the credit union is just like working for any other company out there; it depends where you work and what job you have. Certain branches are amazing. They have a great team, respect each other, and have overall fun. Other branches are difficult; the branch manager might be callous, demeaning, or demanding. However, MOST branch manager are not like this. I can only think of 3 off the top of my head out of 27 branches.

If you work at a branch you must love or be able to get along with women because that is who you will be around 99% of the time when you work at SDCCU. I don't know if it has to do with the CEO being a female or what, but they sure like to hire lot's of women at the credit union. You must also like to sell or be good at selling. If you are not, this isn't the job for you. Some people float by being an incompetent seller, and I can guarantee that unless you are only selling one product a month you wont get fired. You may get warned here and there but not fired. Also, it is very easy to sell products at SDCCU if you familiarize yourself with the credit union and be courteous to the members.

Again, it depends where you are in the credit union. To me, I feel respect should always be there if I am giving someone the same amount. If I am ever to be disrespected over and over I leave my job. You will always be able to find another teller position within a bank. Always.

You wont lose your job hear unless you are being entirely unethical (for example, claiming sales you haven't made) or being very undependable and disrespectful to members/management + coworkers.

Were good, but got bad. I am now having an extra $50 taken out of my paycheck each month for benefits through Blue Shied, whereas they used to pay 100%. They are now matching up to 4% of your 401k whereas it used to be 6%. Still not bad, but not great either. Bonuses are being cut this year in order to insure no layoffs. Again, not good, but not bad either.

The economy all in all is not so great so they're doing the best they can to keep us employed. Well, at least that's the spiel that my manager gave us.

Anyone tell you that being a teller is easy? Well, they're not only misinformed, but they are wrong. It's a stressful job. ESPECIALLY in the economy that we have today. Having to balance your drawer every night is a whole other stress as well. Making sure you meet sales goals is difficult as well. Then having to be kind, courteous, and smile at every single member that comes's draining sometimes that's for sure.

You can be a teller for 6 months and if you kick but in sales and prove to be a good worker get promoted to be a FSR (processing loans) directly after. You have to stay in each position for 6 months before you can apply to another. I've seen many people get promoted.

I left this for last because it's the one thing I don't like about the credit union. I didn't negotiate my pay when applying and I should have. My pay isn't horrible, but it's certainly not something to brag about. The NUMBER ONE complaint I hear in the credit union is the lack of pay + raises that employees get, even though we work our buts off....and trust me, most of us do.
At first, it didn't matter to me because the benefits were so great, but now that they are going down it has made me think twice about working there, as it has with other employees.

In summation, SDCCU is a great company. So great, that I will have a difficult time saying good by, if I do get another job. If you apply, try to be what is called a "SRP" first. It's a great way to view all of the branches without permanently working at either one. Then you can choose where you want to work after experiencing most of them.
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