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3.3Rating Details
Job Security1
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth1
Work Environment5

From Schaumburg, IL — 01/24/2010

I've worked for Zurich for about 6 years. I worked in the document processing center for all Zurich mail. Three of these years I was a temp. After three years they finally hired me as a pernament employee. The work environment was really good there, the managers were really nice as well, never had a problem with any of them. Sometimes just like all management can be hard on you or on other people but it's their job and you can't blame them for it. itI had very flexible hours if I asked for them and usually got them. The coworkers were very friendly and nice people to talk to also. The place I worked at was very nice overall. The work I did was not challenging at all, there was no room for advencement even if I worked there for 10 more years. My position and many many other positions not only from my department but from any department were outsourced to India. Zurich will outsource any job to India that they possibly can to save money. I can't say what the exact numbers are but I'm sure these numbers are very high for laying playing off because of outsourcing. This is the reason why I graded -5 for job security because there is none. Overall the place I worked at I really liked and all the people there including management. However, the company itself I don't have much respect for Zurich just because you are just a number for them if you work for them.
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