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From Dallas , TX — 12/30/2009

When I saw some of the things written about Zurich on this website I was upset. I have been with the company for 22 years and it is the best company I have ever been with. The respect the company has given me in all my years is unparalleled. I know many that work with other insurance carriers and they donít get the same level of respect and compensation that we get here with Zurich. If you put in an honest day of work you are rewarded. Those who do not succeed, spend more time complaining about things and writing blogs on websites about how the company is so bad. If they would just put as much effort into their jobs as they do complaining about it, maybe they would get the respect they feel they are lacking with this company or any other company. No one is entitled to anything in life. In my 22 years I have seen ups and downs with this company, but I always put in a good hard days work, and as a result, I have been rewarded time and time again for my efforts. What more can you ask then that.

Zurich is a good strong company that treats its employees with respect. Hard work is rewarded. There are great opportunities for people to showcase their skills and advance. The people I have worked with are very caring and willing to help out. I love my job and plan on retiring with this wonderful company.
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