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From Syracuse/Ithaca NY — 10/10/2010

I started working at Zumiez literally the day I turned 16, now almost 5 years later I am still with the company. When I was hired I received minimum wage (which was $6.75 at the time) but after a year and minimum wage being raised I was getting $7.50. I was then promoted to Assistant Manager and got another dollar raise. I have had no problems with the company itself, only with managers I've had to deal with. In my (almost) 5 years, I've worked under more then 5 different store managers and seen countless assistant managers come and go. Yes the company is very sales driven and yes you have to talk people into buying stuff, but I feel like a lot of the workers genuinely enjoy getting to help people, or atleast I do. Some people who come in are just not all that personable and don't want to talk, but those same people are the ones who then get angry when they can't find something which I could have helped them get in 3 seconds. Overall, we really do want to help the customer get what they need, and everything they need, all in 1 trip. Personally I love my DM and RM, they are both sweathearts and really know what they are doing. My current SM is wonderful as well. Also, yes if you are an assistant manager they will expect a lot out of you, but you should expect that going into the job. You ARE afterall basically helping the manager, know your duties before you accept the job, people! Many people talk of staying until 2 am and stuff, while getting clocked out, but those are for floor moves, which occur less than once a month. Yes you get clocked out at midnight, but your manager emails payroll about the extra hours and you do receive the money you deserve. The only thing I have ever been screwed out of is promised gift cards for doing well in certain tasks, which sucks kinda but atleast it's not directly effecting me. Overall, I would recommend Zumiez for kids in highschool or college who don't need tons of hours and like to help people! And for all you haters, it's okay there's tons of other mall jobs for less personable people :)
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