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From Auburn, Wa — 09/02/2010

It amazes me to here so many negative comments about, Zones. What amazes me more, is that it's true. The negative and the positive of it. I've been around big money earners, earners that can con you right out of your t-shirt. Real salesman, who I would question in this line of work. The "Account Executive", this guy can sit, and sit, and sit, and sit some more. On top of the drill sergeant, repeatedly saying Talk Time, Talk Time, 3.5 hours. I poor over in laughter at the fact I'm still putting up with it. But, what the previous comments say about Zones, it's refuge! And, it will drive you mad to stay there. I've heard the rumers, of women moving up the chain, after some brain. But, can't say much to it being true. Now, there is a lot of cover up, on how a particular women moved up the chain, though, no one can say for sure. You can, and will loose accounts to other A.E.'s, and Zones incompetence. The reality is, it does have perks, the goal is unattainable, the pain isn't worth the pay, ever, and at least you have a job. NOW, pick the phone up, DAMMIT!
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