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From Memphis,TN — 06/02/2010

I worked for this company back in 2001 to 2004 at times I was the only white person working. When other african americans would get hired they got to cherry pick their hours. I ended up working the hardest and longest of hours.
I left due to the way I was being driscriminated against. As a caucasian I felt I had no chance for advancement there. Also the new regional director hated paramedics since she was a RN. Since I have been gone they not hired one paramedic.
I could do 3 physicals to some of them 1 physicals. I was constantly catching up the slack of the other workers. Except one lady RN there who was there. Working beside her was a blessing she was fast and considerate of me.
If I had it too do over I would have filed a lawsuit against them for discrimination.
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