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From NY,NY — 02/23/2010

I disagree with the negative posts. The guys running this company happen to be very smart,aggressive and industrious guys. They turn nothing into something and have done this a few times. They give under qualified people the opportunity to do jobs 2 to 5 corporate levels above where they truly are from a experience and talent place.In more mature and structured companies they would have to wait years to do the same tasks if assigned to them at a traditional beauty company. I find that most of the people that have gotten angry were employees who over sold their ability and then got angry because their work was awful and because of the pace at which these guys work they had to be pushed aside in order to keep moving forward. By and large the employee's at this company were very weak at what they claimed they could do and truth be told there was very little tolerance given to these employee's. I think its sad to read the negative posts about this company. Because from my seat it was everything I expected. This company paid me every penny they said they would. They had two holiday parties during my time. They provided plenty of benefits. Full medical,dental and a 401k. They also had free,tea,coffee ( true instant),bottled water ,etc... At times would treat for lunch.The office space was very tight and room was limited. Again this is exactly how I would expect a small successful business to be run.... Lean and mean.... This was not a big corporate environment and you needed to learn on the fly. Its not for everyone...
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