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From Kansas City — 07/29/2009

I am now in my 28th year of employment with Zep Mfg. now Zep Inc. prior to Zep I owned two companies and worked for one major competitor and I have never worked with a more talented group of people ever. My twenty eight years have been personally and financially rewarding beyond my expectations, and I have never experienced an organization with more integrity. As a professional sales person all I ever wanted from a company was to be able to earn a substantial living solving customers problem and not have to compromise my own integrity, Zep has afforded me that opportunity.

I have been paid every cent I have earned to the last penny and never had to worry if my check would cash.

I have never had to ask for a raise not one single time; I have purchased homes, put my children through college and enjoyed the challenge.

Further I have hundreds of close friends that have shared decades long careers with Zep that have enjoyed the same experience and are still with the company.
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