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From Vancouver, BC — 10/05/2010

*The pay is minimal. It will probably never be high.

*Promotion is minimal. You may as well assume you will remain in your department.

*Co-workers (in my experience) are great! Good people. Very down to earth and happy to be part of the team.

*Management is quite good (though a little touchy).

*Organization is not great. But people should see an entry-level position with a poorly organized work zone as a personally beneficial thing! Remember! A disorganized atmosphere is a sign that you are needed! This is your chance to prove that you can help organize the store!

*The benefits are not really clear. But I personally only like to look at the paycheck minus the supposed perks.

*Schedules are never set. But if you need time off with 2 weeks in advance, for some reasonable personal purpose, you are likely to get it.

*I work at one next to the train station. I can hardly imagine any better location ever.

Above all, I argue against these key points from critics.

*If managers seem like they want out of their job, you should look at the growth potential of how you can do the job they hate.

*If co-workers don't seem knowledgeable-- what's stopping them? Is there some key that they're missing that you can use? If they all look to do terrible work, doesn't that make you -an entry level worker- potentially looking like gold??
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