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From Huntsville, AL — 04/19/2010

First thing's first...It's a fast food restaurant. If you are wanting double digit an hour pay, dental coverage, and life insurance this job is not for you..That being said, onto the work experience.

Pay: At the time I was hired minimum wage was $6.25, and I was hired on at $7.00. Not too bad, but this will vary by location. Performance reviews occurred every 6 months, with an opportunity to get a maximum 25 cent raise.

Respect: Do your job and you'll get respect. Slack off and play around most of the time, you will get crappy busy-work and you'll get it often.

Career Potential/Growth: If you're honestly thinking about making this job a career, you may be in luck. Turnover rates in the fast food industry are high, which is a good advantage. Do your job well and show your superiors you are serious. Learn how to perform the duties outside of your assign task, and you will not be overlooked. We had a girl go from new-hire to manager in less than 6 months. The opportunity is there.

Job Security: If you are able to work the hours they ask of you, come to work on time, and perform your job, you shouldn't have to worry about getting laid off unless they are having budget issues.

Work/Life Balance: Very good. In my experience they were very laid back and allowed me to take any day off as I needed. I never had any problems with scheduling and was allowed all time off that was within reason. However, I worked my ass off for them which put me in good with the managers, and they favor good employees. (Obviously)

Benefits: Let's be honest, if you aren't management you probably won't be receiving any benefits. Sorry, but the fast food industry is notorious for this.

Location: Great. A 2 mile drive from my home, in a moderate/slightly heavy part of town. Never had any complaints.

Co-worker Competence: Generally, pretty good. If a co-worker isn't doing their job correctly or at all, show them how or let management know. Management doesn't want to do it themselves, they will either re-train the employee to do it correctly, or let them go and hire someone who will do the job.

Work Environment: It's fast food. The environment can be extremely stressful and fast-paced. However, the work is fairly easy, and when operating outside of peak hours, can be very easy going.

Last Words: To be honest, it's all circumstantial. It depends on how you view your job, and it depends on the store you work at. Nobodies experience will be the same, but if you do your job, try not to complain to much, and enjoy getting paid, it's not a bad job to work at all.

Zaxby's Employee July 2008-July 2009
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