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From Long Island, NY — 11/04/2009

Ive worked for zales for 7 plus years and although ive been content there, i can say that they need to do more for their employees, especially those that have been there a while. In my particular zales, the pros are my coworkers, which have also become good friends of mine. the cons are my manager, who previously worked for another jewelry store, but got fired from there. im frustrated that zales has begun little by little to take away the very reasons i enjoyed working there; ex. employees discounts, which went from being 30% upto 40% for certain occasions and are now decreasing to 10-20%. we dont even get discounts on certain brands now. another thing that bothers me is how my manager has gotten everyone in our store to sign a form in which we waive a 30 minute break. i signed it because my manager said that if i didnt, then i would lose hours and potentially drop below 30 hrs, which affects my benefits. lately, i was told there would be no raises and our payroll is being cut, which is ridiculous now that christmas is around the corner. in my particular store, we only have a staff of 5 people including my manager which means that most of the time, we dont have anyone covering us in case we want to leave the store. i forgot to mention that, according to loss prevention, the new rule is that, we are no longer allowed to leave one person alone in the store. so if u didnt bring your lunch in, then you have to starve until the next person comes in which makes no sense since, by that time, it would be the end of my shift. also, the pay is not what it should be, i only make $3 more than i did when i started 7 yrs ago. i am also tired of my manager breaking all the rules that he sets in our store, an example; returning items of jewelry past 30 days, taking 5 plus cigarette breaks while we cant leave the store, taking extra discounts off of jewelry while carefully checking our markdowns, i could go on and on.
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