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4.1Rating Details
Job Security3
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From washington court hou — 08/27/2008

This is actually an honest and fair review, unlike most of the others on here from some of the most ungrateful, unreliable & ignorant traitors you could have the unfortune to work with. I can't believe there are so many - It makes me nauseous. Always looking for a handout, thinking the world owes them something. It's a shame people with bad genes are able to populate this earth.

Pay: 4
Very good for the area. Unless you want to drive an hour north where the cost of living is double, YUSA is as good as you'll find. If you had a better option, wouldn't you take it?

Respect: 4
I've received nothing but the utmost respect from my bosses. But, I try to give an honest days work each day. Sometimes even try to set a new personal best. Time goes by a lot quicker if you're busy rather than trying to get out of work. I guess if I kept racking up points from missing work or abused the FMLA system (some do need it - most abuse it) my bosses probably wouldn't give me as much respect. But, I would consider the latter as not giving the bosses respect either.

Benefits: 4
No one should be knocking YUSA's benefits. Among the best you'll find at any company.

Job Security: 0
Used to be great. Tomorrow there is a vote on whether the union comes in or not. There are a lot of morons at YUSA that think that the union is going to get them something. Hmmm. Do you really think that the Japanese owned company, which had over a million dollars loss last year is going to give anything without taking away at least as much somewhere else? Do you also think that Honda, who works with a "just in time" supplier philosophy/ has no other tier 1 suppliers that are unionized (we are tier 1)/ would continue to work with a supplier that has a risk of striking? A union always has that risk of strike. One of two things WILL happen if the union is voted in: 1.Honda will pull all of their molds that we make their parts with (Honda owns them) and have one of their other injection mold suppliers make the parts, who would jump at the chance for that business. 2.Our Japanese mother company will see that the above will happen, and choose to do all of the manufacturing at their facility. Using YUSA as a storage/pass through area. That would cut the jobs at YUSA down from 1000+ employees to maybe a couple hundred of support group employees that are not union. The Japanese manufactured/ YUSA pass through process has already began happening on several parts! Preparations due to the naive union supporters? The union can't save your jobs, they will make their money from dues, then move on to bleed another company dry. They've done it to many others in the area and have already started looking at their next victims. The automotive market is too competitive now to be able to withstand the added costs that occur from a union. And, with the economy as it is right now, not many businesses period would be able to make it with a union.

Work/Life Balance: 3
Overtime is usually there if needed, but weekends are often avoidable if not desired.

Career Potential/Growth: 3
There is more career potential here than at any other job I have worked at. This is also up to the individual as far as how much effort they wish to put in.

Location: 4
Small town area. Low cost of living.

Co-worker Competence: 3
Most of the employees at YUSA are good people who come to work each day, care about their job, support their families.

Work Environment: 2
For a rubber factory, clean. Above average cafeteria. Temperature gets into the 80's through the summer. There are 100's of 350+ degree molds all over the plant. It's been worse in past years and I've worked in places that don't have any type of climate control. Think of it as your job, and not your couch or welfare line.
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