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From Washington CH. Oh — 07/18/2008

I have worked at Yusa for 13 years & I'm happy to say it's the best paying job I've ever had. People complain about the pay, but it's usually the young ones that doesn't want to work & expect everything in return. There are a lot of lazy people at Yusa. Thank God, I'm not one of them. I get all the OT I want because they know when I'm there on OT I'm working, not loafing. I think 40 to $50,000 a year is not to bad for a town this size, plus our insurance is only $15. a week!! Uniforms are furnished, that saves on our clothes & laundry.
If you do your job you get respect!! Respect Yusa, they respect you.
Benefits are great as far as insurance & 401K, attendance bonuses. Back a few years ago when we had a good month Yusa gave us dinners, pizza, etc. With over 1000 people & many of them there for a paycheck without taking any pride in the parts they produce causes Yusa to lose money so naturally they can't spend a lot of money on extras!! I don't think people realize just how much money Yusa pays for our insurance!! People wise up!! No, I'm not a company man, but I take pride in doing a good job!! Do your job & you don't have to worry about job security! There's those though that are out to screw the company & spend more time & energy wondering how to do that than working.
I have a family & I still have a balance with work & life. You just have to plan. Without my job at Yusa my family wouldn't have a nice vacation every year, drive a nice car, nice house & do all the things we do.
There are always promotions in QA, team leaders, etc.
Location is great for most. There are a few that live an hour or so away, but they knew that when they applied for the job.
Co-worker competence-This is what gripes me!! You are working your butt off & these people standing beside you goofing off, going to the restroom & hanging out, sneaking out the back door which is not allowed while all the time their machine may be shut down losing money!! These people just do not care!! That puts me in a really bad mood seeing this stuff go on. Another thing, certain people come in at 3am, clock in & go back out to their vehicles or leave the premises until 7am which is regular work time and get paid OT for the hours they aren't working. Yusa needs to do something about that. I's sure some of the bosses know what's going on, but if you're friends with the boss you can get by with it. Everywhere I've worked before bosses stood around and watched what you were doing, but with Yusa you don't have that pressure. The bosses leave you alone to do your job, but there are those that really need to be babysitted!! Those are the ones that do everything they can to keep from doing any work.
Work environment is hot in the summer in most areas.In the winter it's pretty comfortable with the heat off the machines it keeps you warm.
Yes, at times the fumes are bad. There are clean jobs & dirty jobs, but hey it's a factory! Check out a lot of other factories & it's worse.
Overall I would recommend Yusa to friends & family. It's not as bad as the lazy people say!! I love my job and plan on staying for 7 more years. I'm so thankful I got hired at Yusa!!
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