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From Marion, MA — 12/14/2009

The rumor mill has it all. Someone in middle management decided to visit a remote office recently. The visit was kept a secret from everyone in the department so as to not reach the remote location.

The person in charge of the remote location was greeted to the boss showing up which is fine, but the funny part is coming. No explanation is given for the surprise visit. So, that night the poor person in charge of the remote location ends up having an anxiety attack and has to go to Urgent Care. The individual fears that a job loss is coming..... His wife rushes him to a clinic.

This individual shows signs of a heart attack but luckily gets put on sedatives to ease the symptoms of the attack.....

Point of the story, with the economy the way it is please trust in your employees to keep things running. This almost resulted in the loss of human life because of someone's idea of a stunt. People don't like surprise.

I am surprised upper management put up with this in the first place.

As a vested employee in YSI I have stocks invested in the company and would not like to see us lose our shares due to a wrongful death suite.... Please make wise decisions in the future.....
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