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From Peabody — 03/26/2009

After reading the previous two reviews I have to respond. Besides being hilarious, these are obviously posted by disgruntled former employees and this kind of ranting brings jobvents credibility to issue. As an employee of this company, I know the first person didnt even exist. There have been no employees in the past 6 years anyway who only lasted 2 months. In fact, most have been there 10 years or more! That says something about job security too. Fully paid medical, dental, short and long term disability insurances, matching 401k, competitive paid personal time and paid holidays from a small company are generous by any measure. And if you have medical or family issues, the owners are very understanding and agreeable to allowing time off. As a small company career advancement is a little limited because there just arenít that many positions, but for some reason people stay. Might be the 100% company paid weekend trips including transportation for the employees and their families to resorts and holiday parties. It's located in a mixed residential/commercial neighborhood convenient to many amenities though I suppose a drug user could find what he's looking for in any neighborhood. My co-workers are talented creatives and service professionals who work as a team. Funny thing is, if either of these previous reviewers even exist, I thought they worked as a part of my team too. I guess the owners knew something about them we didn't. I've worked for small companies and very large in my career and while a small office isn't for everyone, I really like this place and the environment. It's a shame someone who was let go has such a hard time jpdealing with it and is given a public platform to whine and lie about it.
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