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From Any Office, USA — 05/28/2010

Wow, a lot of really professional posters on here! LOL

Yodle is a GREAT PLACE TO WORK. Yes, if you do not sell, you do not get paid commission. No, the base salaries will not make you rich. It's called SALES for a reason! If you think you can thrive in a performance-based society, and are a proven salesperson with a track record for success, Yodle should be your #1 choice for a career!

If you had to fleece people to get sales, then maybe you didn't understand the position. If you don't like hard work, go somewhere else. If you are not organized, disciplined, and quick on your feet, you'll drown.

Yodle's momentum in this industry cannot be stopped and is beyond a shadow of a doubt going to land them at the top of the food chain for local online advertising. Their company motto, "Customers Rule" and "Keep Your Word" and "question authority" (amongst others) are key components of how to attack your role here.

FOR THOSE WITH NEGATIVE POSTINGS- did you once pose a question to your direct mgr about how to be successful here? Or did you hear about 1 customer that didn't have a good experience and then quit on yourself. Shame on you for your lack of professionalism on this board, but good luck to you finding a nice cushy job where your base salary covers your bills. That is not sales.

Another thing is that Yodle does well hiring top-talent. I've NEVER been surrounded by such a smart group of people all working towards a common goal. There are contests, a casual working atmosphere, and a definite "work hard/play hard" mentality. Oh, and I've seen HUNDREDS OF SMB'S save their business in this tough economy through a relationship with Yodle.

If you are lucky enough to get an interview with Yodle, go for it. But be sure about it, b/c in the next 3-5 years if you can make it here you're going to be very happy with your decision!!!!!!
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