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From NY — 02/05/2010

the only people they make managers are people from YAHOO believe me I watched it over and over again. Mike Deluca is a fucking nimrod why they let that guy be vice president is beyond me he's a complete idiot.

the custom sites they tried were the most expensive pieces of waste I've ever seen, they rarely go live and you only get paid on accounts that go live.

when I started there you got 80% of your first month's billing which was fucking awesome.

Then they dropped it to 50%. I can understand that the company needed new business.

Then they brought it to 27% of live accounts accounts launched on the internet. Then it was if you don't hit 50% you got nothing that 50% was to cover your salary. That's fine I always hit my small 10,000 quota. But then they brought the 27% to 14% but now you get paid every month the account stays on. Most of the accounts want to leave after the 1st month and are dying to leave after the 3rd because yodle takes 50% of the clicks so a client that comes in at 1,000 now has 500 to spend and 300 are dead clicks so only 200 will go to actual leads. Now the 14% was only in the beginning to get the office to initially switch over you only get 7% now. This job is a nightmare I fuck someone over every single day. Maybe if I land a job at yahoo they'll hire me back as a manager haaha. Save your soul stay away from yodle.
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