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From CA — 04/08/2010

I've worked in the YMCA of Orange County in Childcare for the past 4 and a half years. My pay, along with all of my other associates were cut by 5% towards the end of my employment - while childcare enrollment fees increased... Shady? yeah. a little. I voluntarily quit my job due to my increasing unhappiness and frustration with the company. Policies were changed, expectations grew, as our hours were decreased and our pay slashed.

I was hired on part-time as an 'Assistant' and always performed at a stellar level. Whenever there was a 'situation' with an incompetent 'Teacher 1' or 'Teacher 2', I stepped in and took over. I would often teach the entire K+ program because the 'Teacher' they had hired texted on her cell phone all day. No real discipline or action was taken by the director.

As an assistant, your job duties are very basic. Ensure safety, facilitate group games/songs/activities and do bathroom runs. I was designing club cirriculums, spending my own money on buying things for the kids (and not being re-imbursed) designing wall decor, just basically going above and beyond the call of duty.

I always gave ample notice when i was going to be busy with a school thing, or felt like i was getting sick. I covered whenever other people called out, towards the end it got more difficult because we were functioning on bare bones staff due to the economy crisis. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was when I asked for time off to have my wisdom teeth removed. I was basically treated like crap over it. My boss made me feel bad, telling me I left her 'high and dry' on a 'field trip day' (that's why I got coverage for that shift) so that whole argument is ridiculous. I realised a job/boss who doesn't agree that health comes first is not a person I want to be working for.

That being said, the benefits are terrible in this company. What they charged for my part time health benefits was total highway robbery compared to what other companies have to offer in the line of health coverage. Amounts in excess of over $100 were taken directly out of my pay. Also, they will hit you up annually to do 'donate', out of your own pay... which I thought was a joke. I had no idea where my money actually went.

It brings me sadness and heartbreak to say that this experience has become extremely dissatisfying towards the end, because I loved the kids and loved the parents and a few of my co-workers were wonderful people to be round, but it just wasn't worth being stripped of my dignity the worse and worse the company managed to get.
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