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From Greensburg, IN — 12/07/2009

I love, well loved my job there. I grew up in the YMCA and am very passionate about their vision and philosophies. I have worked there both part and full time. I envisioned myself as being a lifer that would one day be the CEO at my branch.

Well that all changed when our new policies hit the books. Things I have been doing for years with out problem now were threatening my employment status. I was becoming stifled in my growth. All the long hours that I didn't mind putting in now weren't enough. This all lead to me being forced to pursue my dreams or my career even though my dreams didn't take away from work time. To make things worse, I was being treated as the bad guy. I gave me heart to the YMCA like a school boy smitten with his first girlfriend. Now she has returned it damaged and wants me to pay the bill. If the great american dream in pursuit of happiness, then this has become the great american tragedy.

The YMCA should learn to value its employee as much as it does its community.
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