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From Anytown, USA — 12/12/2009

Overall, they seem like a very good place to work if money and benefits far outweigh anything else.

On the downside, they do not treat candidates with respect in the interview process. You go through the phone screening, the in person interview, the two 11-hour "drive days", and the final interview with the GM. You are specifically told they have no further info and it's not their policy to keep their candidates hanging. So you follow up regularly until SEVERAL MONTHS later you are told they went with someone else. Couldn't have figured that out any sooner? The fact of the matter is not getting back to eliminated candidates IS their policy

Also, they tend to micromanage in a way that one would think hurts productivity. The reps have to document EVERY single outbound call they made and the outcome. They probably could close to double their calls if they didn't have to do that. You also cannot e-mail immediately after the call, but during the time allotted for e-mail. You are also not allowed to call from your cell phone during the call times, even though that could be the key to getting through to the decision maker (this was a sore point for the seasoned and top performing reps).

Given that they pay what they do, the job is extremely demanding and burns out many reps. It's not unheard of to put in a 100-hour week every once in a while, but 50-60+ hours seems typical.
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