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From Minneapolis — 04/22/2010

This company is totally driven by the dollars. I do understand that money is important, but when management tells you that you "you can operate on 4 hours of sleep" in order to complete a objective or "you should probably look for a different job, people just aren't the same after a divorce", that makes you realize they don't care about you as a person.
Please keep in mind that I was a market leader in multiple books and sold over 130k in new sales (per year) multiple times, along with being a Presidents Club winner.
The company its self is changing but is overall a good company to work for, but when management uses fear of losing your job on a daily,weekly or monthly basis to get you to do things, it makes for a very negative working enviroment.
Since the market for print yellow pages has declined and yellowbook has dropped its prices, my income dropped by almost 20k even though they increased commisions. The reason they increased commissions was because of the price drops in the ad programs, and all but 2 people in the office (30) made far less money than previously.
The work/life balance with this company is terrible, mostly because the money is average for the large amount of hours you will put in on a weekly basis.
I can't speak for other yellowbook offices, but if you are considering working in the Minneapolis office, you may want to consider looking for something else....... trust me, you will regret working with the upper management in Minneapolis!
By the way, 3 years ago they had 48 sales people and are now down to 13, most have quit because of the working enviroment.
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