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From Monmouth NJ — 03/26/2010

I am relieved to see that the complaints I would have are not limited to my office/management. I see from others (and other websites that do this kind of reviewing) that it is company-wide. It doesn't make it easier to swallow but at least it says I'm not in the boat alone. I can try to understand my managers and why they drink the Kool-Aid. Unfortunately I don't.

I have always been successful in sales due to the way I look out for the account, not my company. Like any other corporate america business, its bout yellow book bottom line first, then I don't know what else. The clients get screwed over time and time again, because the general attitude from above is "so what, go out and get another sale". Perhaps we would have a higher retention rate if we cared about our clients. After all, Joe may sign our paychecks, but the client is the one paying us.
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